Yoga for Menopause 

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Peri-menopause (pre) and Menopause (post) are the natural stages in a woman's life where her monthly menstrual cycle becomes irregular and then stops. It normally occurs between the ages of 45-55 but may begin earlier and last longer for some women.

During this time, the Oestrogen and Progesterone hormone levels change, and for 80% of women this can lead to symptoms ranging from hot flushes and night sweats; stress and anxiety; insomnia and fatigue; irritability and tearfulness; weight gain; headaches, difficulties with digestion, sexual intercourse and low libido, to name but a few!

Every woman's experience is different and individual. You may only experience minor symptoms, or you may feel debilitated by a range of  physical and emotional symptoms that turn your life upside down. Your experience is affected by heredity, environment, and lifestyle (including nutrition, alcohol consumption, smoking and other medications) as well as culture and environment.

According to NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) and the British Medical Society (BMS), yoga and mindful meditation can help alleviate some of these symptoms, which is why GPs and other health practitioners are recommending that women practice yoga for menopause.


That's the science bit. But the Menopause isn't just a medical label or a one-off event -  it is so much more!

Menopause is an opportunity to take a pause in your hectic life, focus on yourself, your health and your happiness as you move gracefully into the next stage of your life.


I run workshops and private one-to-one classes for women to learn how to practice yoga poses, meditation, and breathing exercises that help alleviate the most common symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause.  I also provide nutritional and lifestyle advice to help you transition positively through this life-changing journey.

You are in safe hands: I am the only yoga teacher who is a member of the British Menopause Society for health practitioners. 



I have spent years reading and researching methods of managing the menopause symptoms. My workshops combine both the latest western medical advice, Mindfulness and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)with centuries old Ayurveda (the traditional Indian natural health system), yoga, Chinese Qi Gong and Indian Pranayama breathing and meditation techniques practiced by women across Asia.


Women going through menopause often say they feel isolated and alone. My workshops bring women together so that we can share experiences, knowledge and support one another. I also invite participants to share what has worked for them in my newsletter that goes out to subscribers.


You are not alone, you are going to be ok

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